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What is Obesity?

Now a day’s obesity is the most severe disease spreading in masses due to unhealthy habits and food. In the medical term, when a person gains excess weight due to which his body starts to show signs of health problems is called obesity. The definition of excess weight is different for every individual and depends upon the ratio of height and weight.

In normal cases, doctors use BMI (Body Mass Index) as a crude method for deciding whether the person is suffering from obesity or not. Other than that waist-to-hip ratio, waist-to-height ratio and distribution of fat in the body also play the role in deciding obesity. Usually, a person having more than 30 BMI number may have obesity.

Obesity in itself, not a disease but it gives birth to many diseases. An obese person will have an increased risk of having a health problem such as High blood pressure, arthritis, metabolic syndrome and in some cases cancer. Apart from these physical issues they may also face mental issues due to the discouraging behavior of peers. Obesity or excess weight directly affects the body’s metabolic system and blood circulatory system.


Many genetic and hormonal conditions can contribute to gaining excess weight. But it’s mostly two reasons which contribute a lot to weight gain.

  1. Low Physical activity: If you are less active in your daily life and tend to do less or no physical exercise then it’s inevitable that you will get excess weight. Less physical activity means fewer calories you burn throughout the day and in the way you accumulate those calories in the form of fat in your body.
  2. Unhealthy diet: An unbalanced diet or more calorie oriented food diet leads to obesity. You intake more calories than you needed in your daily life. Excess of these is stored as fat in the body.

The different contributing factor in obesity:

Apart from the above mentioned two cases, there may have other factors as well in the body for gaining excess weight.

  1. Genetic: genes are the information banks of the body. They decide how your body will process and store calories. It also decides the efficiency of conversion of food into energy and the rate of burning calories during physical exercise.
  2. Medical Problem: In some cases, obesity is due to some medical problems. Prader-Willi syndrome is such an example. In some cases, obesity can be induced due to some medication like steroids, depressant or stress relieving medicine.

Other than these, the increasing age, less sleep, and pregnancy also contribute to weight gain.


There are different solutions for individuals depending upon the circumstances. Most Used solutions are

  • Physical activity: increasing the physical activities in your daily life allows you to burn more calories as well as increasing the hormonal output of your body to optimal stats which improve the efficiency of fat reduction in the body.
  • Healthy Food Habits: Balanced diet and intake of low-calorie food reduce the risk of accumulation of fat in the body.
  • Surgery: In some cases where it’s not possible for an individual to employ other fat reduction means surgery is used to get rid of excess fat in the body.
Basic Features Of dietary Solutions:

Dietary solutions emphasis on reducing body fat through a balanced diet. A balanced diet doesn’t always mean that you have to take a balance of all the necessary substances in food. It means to have food according to your body needs to control the intake of extra calories and make the body use fat as an energy source as much as possible.

Dietary solutions target fat reduction by changing the energy source for the body. Our bodies usually get energy from glucose. Glucose is produced by the intake of carbohydrates in our food. Insulin is used in the process where glucose is converted to energy. But there is a limit in which our liver can produce insulin. When we take high carbohydrate diet, our body uses it as a primary energy source and all the fat is considered as a secondary energy source that is stored in the body for emergency uses.

This accumulation leads to overweight. Over time the body’s inability to produce enough insulin leads to insulin deficiency which leads to diabetes. Dietary solutions target this problem by reducing carbohydrates in food.  A low carb diet forces the body to use its secondary energy source for body activities. The dietary solution at the same time maintain the necessary need of all substances but controlling the calories in the diet.


There are various benefits in following the dietary solutions for fat reduction. Such as

  1. It doesn’t use extreme methods to get the result. It maintains sufficient nutrients in the diet, at the same time it slowly adjusts the body to use fat as an energy source for energy needed in physical activities.
  2. Dietary solutions are cheaper in comparison to other solutions. Changing some foods or quantity of certain foods desired results can be obtained.
  3. Dietary solutions show very good results in the case where an individual is highly overweight. A certain amount of calories are needed to main a certain weight. Hence in the case of the same dietary plan, they lose weight more quickly.
  4. The dietary solution doesn’t hurt the foundation of the body. They stimulate body functions and increase hormonal and bodily substances to achieve fat reduction and a healthy body.
  5. Dietary solutions don’t follow the restrictions of age, physical conditions or body types. Dietary solutions can be used by any individual. It all needs to follow certain minor changes according to your needs and it helps you in every situation.
 Comparison with other treatment:

In modern times various solutions for body fat reduction are used. Physical exercises for targeted body fat reduction are generally used ways in these days. Many supplements which by stimulating certain hormonal changes reduce body fat into muscle tissues hence fat loss without the weight loss. But Dietary solutions are best in their category cause of certain advantages:

  1. Due to time constraints, many persons are unable to give time to physical activities. But it’s easy to follow a dietary solution without giving extra time.
  2. Persons with physical disabilities are most of the time are unable to follow many physical activities in the desired way. Hence for those dietary solutions are the best options where they can reduce their excess weight.
  3. Dietary solutions are natural and harm free. A best dietary solution achieves weight loss by improving the qualities of the body using natural ingredients.

Obesity is becoming a huge problem for any person. It gives birth to many other diseases that harm our body in different ways. Heart diseases, diabetes, High blood pressure, Arthritis, and Hormonal imbalance are certain examples.

Dietary solutions are a good option in weight loss due to their natural approach. In today’s busy life dietary solutions are easy to adopt and highly sought solutions.

Following any type of dietary solution needs advice and initial guidance from your health instructor of a physician for better results. Reduction in weight helps us gaining back our normal healthy life and confidence.

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