Can You Drink Alcohol on a Keto Diet?

Can you drink alcohol on a keto diet?

The person on the keto diet can drink alcohol. There is no severe harm in drinking alcohol while taking a keto diet. But drinking alcohol on keto diet can, in fact, deepen your level of ketosis but it will result in slow weight loss down. Even though the person should avoid drinking alcohol as it is harmful to their health. Ingestion of alcohol also affects the liver metabolism in the body of the user as you drink more alcohol more ketosis are produced in the body.

Even though the person should avoid drinking alcohol because it is harmful to the body. But there is no hard and fast rule nor the user is abstained from drinking alcohol while taking a keto diet. But yes the user should keep some control over his or her drinking habits. When you drink alcohol your body is going to start breaking it down immediately as fast as possible because your body sees it as toxic.

Which alcohol can you drink on a keto diet?

It is not bad to drink alcohol until it gets out of control a starts harming the body. The person on keto diet can try ‘ keto alcohols ‘ if they have a habit of drinking. These drinks have clear liquors which are only 40% alcoholic. Given below is the list of drinks one can take on keto diet which is less alcoholic compared to the other drinks:

  • Tequila
  • Whiskey
  • Rum
  • Scotch
  • Brandy
  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Cognac

These drinks are less alcoholic and less harmful to the body. The user can drink it if they want to satisfy their want for drinking. These drinks have a less proportion of alcohol in them but they can be used as a substitute for alcoholic drinks.

When on Keto Diet watch out for mixers :

When on Keto diet the user should strictly abstain from mixers. Because most of the mixers for alcohol are extremely high in sugar. And you have to avoid the intake of too much sugar when you are on a keto diet. Therefore you should know about the mixers before you consume it and start harming your body. Some mixers which will not harm your body and you can try are soda, diet tonic water, sugar-free sodas etc.

There is no strict rule that you have to drink only these. But you should keep in mind what you are consuming when you are on a keto diet. And avoid taking high content sugar drinks which can harm your body. Hence awareness about what you eat and drink is necessary to avoid any problem. As per internet the most common and favorite drink of all people is Vodka soda which is considered to be a smooth drink. If you like to flavor things then you can bring something of mine and avoid taking those mixers which can actually cause harm. However, there is no rule that you can’t drink it but it’s good to control if you are on diet.

Conclusion :

After going through the information in the article the reader must be sure as to what is good and what is harmful. Even though excessive drinking is not good for health still the dieting person likes to drink he or she can drink alcohol without any restrictions or rules. But the user should try to avoid excessive drinking because it may really harm them.

If the user has drinking habits then he or she may try some other Subtitle of the drinks which are less alcoholic and are not high in sugar content. Because drinking alcohol which is high in sugar content are like acid to the body of the person on a keto diet. Drinking less alcoholic beverages are a good option for the person who is an addict. But make sure that the addiction is not that much that it gets out of control and starts harming the body. If the user has the capacity to control his or her desire then it’s well and good. But if not then it becomes a question of concern. Thus one can conclude by saying that drinking is not harmful when undergoing a keto diet but keeping in mind what is harmful and what is good for health.

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